Oct. 22, 2018

Smartek Vision becomes Framos Embedded Engineering

Framos announces that Smartek Vision will become part of the Framos Group. As Framos Embedded Engineering, the Croatian team will focus on Embedded Vision development, custom solutions, IP and sensor modules. The newly incorporated vision manufacturer Smartek Vision was founded in 2001 and is located in Cacovec, Croatia. Bought by Framos in 2014, the complete facilities including all 30 employees now become an integrated part of the Framos group, operating as their Embedded Engineering department. The company will continue to operate in its current structure, any contracts will remain unchanged. The Croatian engineering team brings an advanced experience in sensor modules, camera customizations and IP solutions for imaging applications in industrial and consumer markets.

Damir Dolar, appointed as Vice President of Framos Embedded Engineering, says: “We are extremely pleased to join the Framos Group. With over 17 years of experience in vision engineering and manufacturing, our focus will be enabling the Framos customers to leverage from imaging technologies and embedded vision to create cutting-edge solutions in all industrial and consumer markets. Our engineering team is a very knowledged development partner for individual approaches to sensor modules, custom cameras, imaging algorithms plus IP and SoC solutions to support customers building devices that see.”

Lorenzo Cassano, Framos’ Vice President Business Development, says: “We are welcoming the facilities in Croatia into to the Framos Engineering team. The location in East-central Europe provides the Framos group with additional capabilities to access strong partner networks, including high-tech production facilities equipped with cutting-edge technologies. This enables a highly reliable and cost-efficient delivery chain with increased flexibility and fast reaction times for OEM products and custom solutions. The team in Croatia has already been instrumental in helping create our own Framos IP, like with the SLVS-EC IP Core. We are very looking forward to continue and extend this path towards Embedded Vision with a modular approach to ease and accelerate development for our customers.”

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