Aug. 29, 2019

Secure Flash storage platforms for autonomous driving

Macronix Armor Flash memory will be used in Nvidia's autonomous driving platforms in the future. Armorflash provides high-security, high-quality, and durable data storage solutions for the demanding, competitive market for AI Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) from Level 2+ to Level 5. Nvidia's choice of ArmorFlash represents the company's commitment to improving data security in ADAS automotive electronics applications.

ArmorFlash offers a combination of sophisticated security technologies, including unique ID, authentication and encryption features. This rich mix of features provides the highest level of security in a high-density memory to prevent data from being compromised. In the NVIDIA DRIVE platforms, ArmorFlash provides reliable NVM storage for encrypted and integrity assets. ArmorFlash supports secure communication channels and protocols with the Nvidia Xavier system on a single chip (SOC) via cryptographic operations, integrity checks, and additional anti-security protocol attacks.


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