Nov. 16, 2018

Optical Control is one of Germany's fastest growing technology companies

  • Wolfgang Peter, Managing Director, and Stefanie Rüdell, MarketingWolfgang Peter, Managing Director, and Stefanie Rüdell, Marketing

Optical Control was awarded the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award last week. Placements are based on percentage revenue growth over the past four fiscal years (2014-2017). Optical Control achieved growth of 235 percent during this period. The self-developed technology of optical control contributed significantly to this sales growth. With the OC-SCAN CCX, the fully automatic X-ray based electronic device counter, the work of the electronics industry was simplified overnight.

Wolfgang Peter, Managing Director of Optical Control, has been particularly positive about the rate of sales growth over the past four years: "In times when allocation, conservation of resources and delivery times are becoming more pressing issues, it is of vital importance for a company to be informed about it at all times exact knowledge of their physical material stocks. Across industries, every electronics manufacturer can benefit from this new dimension in material logistics. The stock of material is constantly updated during ongoing processes and forwarded to the ERP system. The companies have a permanent inventory. They do not require overstock, have expensive storage costs, or have to scrap useless components. As a result, production processes run uninterrupted - no line has to be stopped if planning certainty exists in terms of material. With our component counter OC-SCAN CCX there is a careful handling of valuable, non-deliverable materials. "

A strong vision and innovative idea also requires a great deal of perseverance. Not everything can immediately prevail in the market. That's why Deloitte recognizes the companies that stand up for their ideas. "Numerous fast-growing companies from Germany have positioned themselves in future-oriented technology fields in recent years. Responsible for this are entrepreneurs who, with their willingness to take risks and their entrepreneurial spirit, have consistently pursued their visions ", explains Dr. med. Andreas Gentner, Partner and Head of Technology, Media & Telecommunications EMEA at Deloitte. "With the Fast 50 Award we want to honor outstanding entrepreneurial achievements for the tech location Germany."


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