Sep. 07, 2017

Omron to Acquire Microscan Systems

Omron has entered into an agreement with Spectris plc in the U.K. regarding its acquisition of the US-based subsidiary of Spectris, Microscan Systems, Inc. (Microscan Systems). Headquartered in Renton, Washington, Microscan Systems is a leading global supplier of industrial code readers. By welcoming Microscan Systems as a new member of the Omron Group, Omron seeks to further advance the control of manufacturing equipment and production lines, using IoT to connect virtually all objects on a manufacturing floor, including components and machines. The completion of the acquisition is scheduled for early October of 2017.

Through the acquisition of Microscan Systems, Omron expects to acquire a diversity of code readers incorporating Microscan Systems's advanced 2D code reading technology, and integrate these with Omron's automation technology employed in its extensive line of control equipment. By so doing, Omron seeks to offer comprehensive solution packages that are tailored to the challenges faced by each industry. Furthermore, by making mutual use of each company's sales network, Omron and Microscan Systems will offer individually optimized solutions for a wider range of customers.


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