Sep. 25, 2018

"Non-contact measuring technology" at Control 2019: Submit exhibits now

As part of the leading international trade fair for quality control in Stuttgart, the special show "Non-contact measuring technology" will be held again in 2019. For the fifteenth time, innovative technologies, applications and system components from the field of non-contact measuring and testing technology will be presented in this format. The special show will be on approx. 330 sqm at a central location in the entrance area of ​​hall 6. - einreichen (Titel und kurze Beschreibung).

">Companies, research institutes and universities that are interested in participating can submit an exhibit proposal to the Fraunhofer Vision Alliance - by 5 October 2018 (title and brief description).

The special show has established itself in recent years as a communications platform and marketplace for innovations among exhibitors and trade fair visitors alike, and has become an integral part of Messe Control. As the performance and flexibility of modern systems continue to grow and larger scale ranges are covered and new fields of application are tapped, it is not easy for users to orientate themselves on the market.

The special show therefore offers visitors orientation in selecting the optimum technology for coping with their own inspection tasks.

As always, the latest developments and innovative measuring and testing systems are to be presented, which work on their principle without contact. On the one hand, the focus should be on testing or measuring external or visible characteristics of components or materials. Relevant technologies for this are, for example, light sectioning, fringe projection, photogrammetry, white light interferometry, holography, time of flight, hyperspectral imaging or confocal measuring methods. In addition, however, methods that work in the invisible part of the wavelength spectrum and with which components below the surface or inside the material can be examined, given space. Conceivable here are exhibits based on technologies such as X-rays, thermography, ultrasound or terahertz. As the manufacture of customized measurement systems depends on the forward-looking development and availability of suitable sensors, cameras and components, innovations in this area are also welcome.

The special show Non-Contact Measurement Technology is jointly conducted by the office of the Fraunhofer Vision Alliance, Fürth, and P. E. Schall GmbH & Co. KG, Frickenhausen.


Fraunhofer-Allianz Vision
Flugplatzstraße 75
90768 Fürth
Phone: +49 911 58061 5800
Telefax: +49 911 58061-5899
P.E. Schall GmbH & Co. KG
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