Nov. 20, 2012

NIT wins Vision Award

Presenting it new Magic 3D solution, NIT was chosen as the winner of the Vision Award 2012 by the jury. Since several years, the 3D and Stereoscopic vision have started aggressively their entrance in the industrial market and the machine vision industry. Even though the demand is increasing rapidly, current solutions are still limited and restrict the use of stereoscopic vision in only few applications. By coupling its well-known and proven WDR technology with the 3D principle, NIT is opening a new gate for 3D applications in machine vision world. The new Magic 3D solution by NIT offers real time High Dynamic Range stereo vision capability. The HDR feature extends the use of stereoscopic cameras to outdoor and active illumination applications, where accurate and unsaturated images are required.


New Imaging Technologies
9 rue Charles Fourier
91000 Evry
Phone: +33 (0)160 764648

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