Mar. 27, 2012

LMI Finds Their First Distributor in China for 3D Smart Sensors

LMI Technologies today announced that China Daheng Group Inc. Beijing Image Vision Technology Branch (Daheng) has signed on as an authorized distributor of Gocator 3D smart sensors in China. This distribution deal marks Gocator's entry into the world's second largest economy and arguably the most expansive manufacturing marketplace. Gocator laser line smart sensors are all-in-one solutions that make 3D measurement and control for factory automation accessible to all levels of expertise. All Gocators come with a web browser based user interface and optional built-in measurement tools making them easy to use and integrate. Users can easily perform inline part inspection for 100% quality control, communicate results (either directly or to a PLC), and automate sorting and tracking functions.

"Part of our global distribution strategy"

Models come in different fields of view and measurement ranges ensuring there is a preconfigured Gocator for every application. Gocators are available in both VGA and Megapixel resolutions in order to accommodate the varying speed and accuracy requirements of factory automation. They can also be combined into multi-Gocator systems to fully accommodate large items or to measure a single item from multiple perspectives. "Establishing distributor presence in China was an important part of our global distribution strategy for Gocator," said LMI's Director of Sales, Kevin Brown. "Daheng is a market leader in sensor technology integration and we feel they are the ideal partner for capitalizing on China's growing factory automation market."



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