May. 07, 2013

LMI acquires 3D3 solutions

LMI Technologies Inc. has acquired 100 percent of the shares of 3D3 Solutions, a supplier of 3D scanning software and hardware products based in Canada. The takeover deal will result in the integration of 3D3 by LMI Technologies under the LMI brand. 3D3 staff will continue development of HDI 3D scanners and FlexScan3D, a PC application offering 3D acquisition, visualization and mesh processing.

With the acquisition of 3D3, LMI wants to expand into new markets such as medical (dental, ear, foot, face and body scanning), entertainment (gaming, special effects, and animation), manufacturing (reverse engineering, fast prototyping with 3D printing), and the arts (archival, reproductions) by leveraging 3D3's existing reseller channel network and delivering scanner products suitable for OEM customers.


LMI Technologies Inc.
9200 Glenlyon Parkway
V5J 5J8 Burnaby, BC
Phone: +1 604 636 1011
Telefax: +1 604 516 8368

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