May. 22, 2017

Lakesight Announces Acquisition of Chromasens GmbH

Lakesight Technologies Holding is pleased to announce the acquisition of Chromasens GmbH. Based in Konstanz (Germany), Chromasens is an innovative and leading company in the machine vision market with a core expertise in line-scan technology, dedicated to the production of cameras, lights and custom imaging solutions. Chromasens has c. 60 employees, the majority of which are in R&D, and sales of c. €10 million. The company was established in 2004 as a result of a management buyout from Ocè Group led by the current managing directors Markus Schnitzlein and Martin Hund. Both managers have been reconfirmed in their positions.

Markus Schnitzlein, Managing Director of Chromasens, commented: “We are pleased to join Lakesight which we see as a strong partner that can sustain Chromasens in our next phase of development.” Martin Hund, Managing Director of Chromasens, added: “As part of Lakesight we will continue our growth path through investment in new technologies, developing projects with blue-chip customers and expanding our international sales leveraging Lakesight’s resources and sales network.”

Corrado Franchi, Board Member of Lakesight, commented: “The acquisition of Chromasens fits perfectly with the Lakesight portfolio as it is complementary on all levels to the existing group members. Furthermore, the fact that the Chromasens management stays on board ensures stability and continuity.”

Chromasens’ acquisition provides Lakesight with a complementary portfolio of line-scan machine vision cameras and access to 3D and hyperspectral technologies. In addition, Chromasens will strengthen the innovation capabilities of Lakesight and contribute a rich portfolio of blue chip OEM customers. As a result of the acquisition of Chromasens, Lakesight has pro-forma sales of c. 40 million, with substantial further growth potential, both organically and through new M&A. The acquisition is backed by Ambienta, the largest European private equity fund specializing in environmental Investments that owns Lakeside Technologies Holding. Chromasens is the third company of the Lakesight group, as it joins Tattile, acquired in 2012, and Mikrotron, acquired in 2015.


Chromasens GmbH
Max-Stromeyer-Str. 116
78467 Konstanz
Phone: +49 7531 876 0
Telefax: +49 7531 876 303
Lakesight Technologies Holding GmbH
Landshuter Straße 20-22
85716 Unterschleißheim

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