Feb. 12, 2019

inspect international 01 2019 on the horizon

inspect team prepares new issue of inspect international

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With 10,000 printed and 1,500 e-paper copies, inspect international has established itself and evolved as a key source of information for the industrial vision industry.

Part of the freshly re-designed German inspect – World of Vision magazine, we strive to provide engineers, experts, and specialists across Europe and the world with the necessary information for the use and purchase of technologies, solutions, products, and components.

This time, our broad range of topics has a focus on 3D technology, yet also covering what´s in in the industry, such as robotics, and deep learning. Enjoy reading!

Lineup for the next issue:

  • Yxlon - cover story
  • Scortex – Interview Aymeric de Pontbriand on Deep Learning
  • Lucid Vision – 5GigE & Ethernet
  • Stemmer Imaging – Interview Mr. Keppler
  • Z-LASER – Application at Manz: Z-LASERS provide improved efficiency for thin-film solar modules
  • Active Silicon - The Harrier Camera Interface Board for long-reach, real-time HD digital video transfer
  • Trumpf – The power of wave optics
  • Teledyne Dalsa - Kiefel manages highly complex inventory system with new machine vision solution
  • Silicon Software - Better Polymer Fleece Quality at Low & Bonar
  • Rubedos - 3D visual perception system for robot applications 
  • Park Systems - Atomic Force Microscopy in inline wafer-fab metrology
  • Photoneo - Closing the gap: MotionCam-3D 
  • MVTec – Usability in industrial vision
  • Olympus – Application story
  • Sick – Robotic packaging goes 3D
  • Ametek - How can 3D scanning replace some of the workload of a traditional CMM
  • Arthos – Vision industry in the investment focus
  • Inspecto – Autonomous Image Processing


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