Jul. 07, 2017

Imaginghub.com hosts smart home contest

  • Imaginghub project contestImaginghub project contest

Imaginghub, the online embedded vision community for engineers, software developers, and professional makers, has just started their first project contest around home automation. Contest prizes include a DJI Mavic Pro drone, a Jetson TX2 Developer Kit, and more.

All members of the Imaginghub community can join the contest and hand in their project ideas for smart home solutions by 26 July 2017. There is only one further condition: project submissions must involve a vision system.

The Imaginghub team will then choose the ten most exciting project suggestions and send out suitable project hardware to their owners: a Basler PowerPack dart USB for Evaluation, containing a dart USB camera, a suitable lens, and a cable.

With this hardware, participants will be able to build their smart home solutions and document their development journeys and results on the Imaginghub website. Winners will be announced in September 2017.

Learn more and join the contest at https://imaginghub.com/contest2017.

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