Jul. 01, 2019

Imaging Technology Symposium was a great success

For three days Yxlon International and the Museum of Natural History Berlin (MfN) had invited to the Imaging Technology Symposium. Under the title "Advances in computed tomography (CT) technology for the life science sector and collections of natural history museums", renowned scientists from international universities and institutes shared their experiences on CT imaging in natural science applications. Around 60 participants from the fields of biology, morphology, paleontology and zoology met at the MfN from 12 to 14 June to attend ten top-class lectures, among others. by Prof. Phil Manning from Manchester, dr. Alexander Ziegler from Bonn and Prof. Julia Clarke from Austin. In addition, three guided tours of the museum's collection and four workshops were on the agenda.

On the third day, the guests came to the train, who had brought their own preparations. These were scanned and analyzed in the museum's microscopy room, directly behind T. rex Tristan, in the Yxlon FF35 CT high-resolution computed tomography system. In the process, some information and tips from the previous day could be put into practice directly. Finally, all participants agreed on the high quality of the symposium in terms of topics and lectures, guided tours and workshops.

Not only for scientific research, museums are increasingly resorting to non-destructive computed tomography, but also the topic of digitizing the billions of preparations available worldwide in natural history and historical institutes is of growing importance. With the help of CT, valuable research objects can be examined in detail without endangering them through special preparation methods. In addition, the digital objects can also be made available to scientists around the world for their work. This exchange between researchers across the globe not only enables novel and innovative research approaches, but also ensures preservation and archiving for the future. But especially biological and geological CT applications pose very special challenges. The use of special filters and trajectories, the optimal balance between performance and resolution, contrasting, coloring or other means of producing the best images, all these details are based primarily on experience.

The symposium was able to promote the exchange of these valuable experiences in order to advance science and systems technology.


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