Oct. 15, 2018

How spending 20 mins at Alysiums Vision booth can boost your application

The Vision Show in Germany is just around the corner and it's time to talk about Alysium's Highlights for this year’s show. First of all, where can you find Alysium this year? The Company will be exactly at the same spot as the last years in Stuttgart: Hall 1, Booth G18. By the way, if you still have no ticket for the Show, send an e-mail. Alysium is happy to provide you a Day Ticket Code to register yourself free of charge.

A+ CameraLinkHS AOC Assemblies:

One Assembly with 7 Lanes each up to 12.5G and that through one cable with a outer diameter of around 5mm. What sounds especially for CoaxPress Users like magic, is already given to the CLHS(TM) word: Our active optical A+ CLHS Assemblies are available in standard length as Highflex (Torsional/C-Track) version and non-HighFlex version. Those Assemblies are part of our A+ NextGen Family, which brings the robustness and specially the known reliability the first time into the active optical world. This brings us to our next new baby:

A+ USB3.1 Gen AOC Assemblies:

You never touched so far active USB3.1 Gen1 cables as you made the experience, that they can’t full fill at all your (and btw. also our) thinking of reliability in industrial applications? Then, here is our answer to all those pains: Our A+ USB3.1 Gen1 AOC Assemblies are finally there! We took here together with CORNING(TM) an extra effort in making them in our opinion the most reliable active, plug&play USB Assemblies you can find in the market. Next to the electrical stability, we also took care, that they will work wonderful in robotic or C-Track applications. They will be available after the show from stock in standard length between 5 and 50 Meter. At our booth you will see a 50 Meter version in action. They will of course layout compatible with the U3V Standard and for those unique Applications with no space behind the camera, you can get some short 90° adapter cables with MicroB and Type C Connectors.

A+ BRJE Assemblies:

Teledyne Dalsa is using with more and more Camera Models a brand new interface technology, which is replacing step by step the traditional Circular Connectors.

It is based on an rectangular connector family which is available from several MFR. The advantages are next to less space demand and an much easier processing for the Camera MFR, also huge for the user: Those connectors and so also the assemblies costs only a fraction of the so far popular circular connectors. Our A+ BRJE Pigtails are design approved by Teledyne Dalsa and are available from stock in standard length between 1 and 30 meters. They bring the first time the A+ features into the world of those IO Interfaces. Oh, if you wonder what BRJE means at all, simply ask us at the show ;)
A+ USB3.1 TypeC and Product improvements:
Next to the A+ TypeC Assemblies which are already available from stock in Length between 1M and 5M, we also haven't stopped in improving further our existing USB3 Assemblies: All assemblies are shifted actually step by step to the latest generation of Alysium Raw cable material: With those we even expanded the max. possible cable length with passive copper cables up to 10 Meter! And yes, we are talking here about "industrial" usage, when we talk about max. possible length. That means our assemblies are design for "fit for application", giving you the biggest headroom and reliability you can get for your application. And all of them are mechanical compatible with the upcoming USB3Vision+ Standard.

A+ Availability of Assemblies:

Let’s be honest: Nobody really wants to spend time on assemblies. They simply need to be available and do what they should do: keeping your application running. We spend some hundred hours in making our A+ Assembly family to the best choice for your applications and we even invest a lot of time to make them available for you as fast as possible: Next to having them in standard length in stock, you can also get them from some of our distributors within 24/48h. Nobody should wait for an assembly, especially not if they are as good as ours.


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