Aug. 10, 2020

Hamamatsu builds production building for opto-semiconductors and X-ray sensors

Expansion of the Shingai plant

  • The new building at the Shingai plant (Photo: Hamamatsu)The new building at the Shingai plant (Photo: Hamamatsu)

Hamamatsu Photonics has constructed a new production building with a total area of around 15,500 m2 for opto semiconductors, X-ray image sensors and X-ray flat panel sensors at its Shingai plant in Hamamatsu City, Japan. It is scheduled to start operations in October 2020. Construction of the building began in July 2019 and cost around 52 million euros. In the future, up to 400 people will work in it.

The demand for plastic-coated opto semiconductors as well as for X-ray image sensors and flat screen sensors used in radiation testing equipment has risen steadily recently, the company reports. Hamamatsu is now also using the new building to consolidate its opto-semiconductor production processes, which are currently still housed in various buildings at the Shingai plant and nearby suppliers. This measure, combined with a higher degree of automation, will make the entire production process much more efficient, the manufacturer is sure.

X-ray sensors: development and production on one floor

In order to accelerate the production of X-ray image sensors and X-ray flat panel sensors, the company is merging the previously separate design, development and evaluation departments into one area. The associated production will be located on the same floor, which will also be made more efficient.

In order to be prepared for the natural disasters that have become increasingly frequent in recent years, earthquake and flood protection measures have been integrated into the building structure. At the same time, the factory building has eco-friendly LED lighting, thermally insulated walls, a solar power plant and systems for reusing rainwater.

Hamamatsu Photonics supplies opto-semiconductor products for a wide range of applications and areas such as medical diagnosis and treatment, industrial metrology, automotive and scientific measurement. The company expects a further increase in sales of these products in a wide range of areas.


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