Aug. 13, 2015

GE Inspection Technologies: Second Manufacturing Plant for Industrial CT Systems Opened

  • Opening ceremony of second manufacturing plant in WunstorfOpening ceremony of second manufacturing plant in Wunstorf

GE’s Measurement & Control business announced the opening of a second GE manufacturing plant in Wunstorf, Germany. Founded in 1999, the phoenix|x-ray business of GE Inspection Technologies has evolved into an industrial computed tomography (CT) technology leader, providing inspection solutions for quality labs as well as for process optimization on the production floor, including automotive and aerospace production. The inauguration of the second production plant allows GE to increase productivity, optimize logistics and training capabilities, and accommodate the fast growing service department.

 “The opening of this new industrial CT plant demonstrates GE’s investment in both infrastructure and human resources,” explains Omar Castillo, Wunstorf Site Leader. “This facility allows us to continue developing and delivering advanced 2D and 3D inspection solutions to thousands of our current system users and future customers to help them ensure quality and drive productivity.”

Due to the continued growth of GE’s industrial phoenix|x-ray CT portfolio and sales quantity, the former production plant reached its capacity at 13.000 m2. With the addition of the new 6.000 m2, the facility will increase capacity, potentially doubling GE’s production space and leaving room for future growth. Since all core components, such as X-ray tubes, generators, detectors, and CT software are proprietary GE technology, the new plant now combines modern logistics and material stock with component manufacturing of micro- and nanofocus tubes and generators, among others. It also houses 45 employees, includes new test and repair facilities, and a new service training center, allowing the old plant to dedicate several thousand square metres to final X-ray inspection and CT system cabinet assembly and delivery. 


GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies GmbH
Niels-Bohr-Str. 7
31515 Wunstorf
Phone: +49 5031 172 100

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