Jul. 21, 2016

Framos Starts New Market Survey

Framos once again cordially invites you to participate in their international market survey, entitled: “Industrial Cameras, their Technical Features and the Market”. The survey aims to deliver a detailed analysis of the current status and future development of the industry from the perspective of users and manufacturers and to provide a more transparent view.

The Focus
The survey focuses on one of the most important product groups: industrial cameras. By this cameras are meant that are predominantly used in systems with automatic image capture and automated image analysis. For example automation applications in production and logistics, medical technology, quality assurance, traffic rule enforcement or traffic monitoring with license plate recognition.

Your Benefit
Consistent and meaningful results can be obtained by focusing on industrial cameras. The traditionally separated analysis of camera manufacturers and camera users in the survey provides greater overall detail in the results.
As a participant, you’ll be sent an early copy of the comprehensive statistical results in order to support your strategic decision-making process. Excerpts from these results will also be published in the inspect issue 6 and the Vision Systems Design issue 10 beginning of November.

As a thank you for your participation we will enter you into a raffle to win the attendance in one of the Imaging Experts Academy trainings worth 1.490€ and 10 Amazon Gift Voucher worth 25€.

If you like to participate in the survey, click here.

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