Jul. 10, 2020

Framos joins Preferred Partnership Program of Nvidia

Promoting AI-enabled Edge Vision applications

  • Framos Embedded Vision Ecosystem with NVIDIA AGX Xavier Development Board (Picture: Framos)Framos Embedded Vision Ecosystem with NVIDIA AGX Xavier Development Board (Picture: Framos)

Framos is now part of the Nvidia partner network, namely the "Preferred Partnership Program". As part of this collaboration, the machine vision solution provider can now offer camera solutions to customers using the Nvidia Jetson platform for AI edge computing, driving the development of vision applications in robotics, automation, IoT networked manufacturing and other areas. Jetson is the leading AI platform for edge computing with nearly half a million developers.

Participation in the Nvidia Partner Network program requires engagement in product development and a commitment to strengthening the general GPU community. As part of this partnership, Framos engineers will provide in-depth graphics pipeline development and provide advanced Nvidia-specific expertise to customers who want to develop AI-enabled vision applications on the Jetson platform.

Portfolio of the laboratory in Croatia expanded

Further advantages for customers now include access to extensive and expanded possibilities in the image processing laboratory of the Croatian subsidiary. This facility offers image optimization services and other ways to maximize sensor performance and achieve the best results from the vision system at the customer's site.

Framos, as a participant in the partner program, plans to present its offerings at Nvidia and third party events and can now shorten the development time of AI-enabled vision applications due to early access to Nvidia hardware and SDKs.


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