Dec. 16, 2016

Faro Acquires MWF-Technology

  • FARO® Acquisition of MWF.jpegFARO® Acquisition of MWF.jpeg

Faro (NASDAQ: FARO), a trusted source for 3D measurement and imaging solutions for factory metrology, construction BIM/CIM, product design, public safety forensics, and 3D solutions and services applications, announces the acquisition of MWF-Technology GmbH, an innovator in mobile Augmented Reality (AR) solutions.

Located near Frankfurt, Germany, MWF’s breakthrough technology enables large, complex 3D CAD data to be transferred to a tablet device and then used for mobile visualization and comparison to real world conditions. This enables real time, actionable manufacturing insight for in-process inspection, assembly, guidance and positioning.

 “We are very excited about expanding our portfolio of virtual reality solutions into actionable, mobile Augmented Reality with MWF,” stated Dr. Simon Raab, FARO’s President and CEO. “With the introductions of Mobile AR and VR solutions, we are at a seminal moment where we can enable our customers to evolve their thinking and actions beyond doing it the right way to doing it the best way every time. They will benefit from error detection at even earlier stages of the production, construction or design process.  As an industry pioneer, FARO continues to be committed to driving technological innovation that creates increasingly more value for our customers.”


Faro Europe GmbH & Co. KG
Lingwiesenstraße 11
70825 Korntal-Münchingen
Phone: +49 7150 9797-205

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