Dec. 12, 2016

Expansion of Management Team at Trioptics

  • Dr. Stefan KreyDr. Stefan Krey

Trioptics, a leading manufacturer of optical measurement instruments, has introduced Dr. Stefan Krey as an additional Managing Director.

25 years after its foundation, Trioptics GmbH today is in a position to supply numerous industries with its optical measurement, inspection and manufacturing technology products. The systems, which are categorized in 18 product groups, are based on a variety of measurement principles. “It was particularly during the development of this product portfolio that Dr. Stefan Krey proved to be a highly competent employee in strategic product development,” confirms company founder and Managing Director Eugen Dumitrescu. To ensure the continuation of this development, he has appointed Dr. Stefan Krey to the management team.

After obtaining a degree in physics and my Ph.D. from the University of Hamburg, Dr. Stefan Krey started out as a developer at Trioptics in March 2000. Since then he has co-designed numerous product development projects and, in particular, has established the angle measurement group with strategically important products. His profound physics expertise and in-depth understanding of the processes in place at Trioptics resulted in his official appointment as Chief Technology Officer in 2013.

Going forward, Dr. Stefan Krey will be directing the development of Trioptics together with Eugen Dumitrescu and Steffan Gold. Their goals for the next few years are ambitious: maintain the company’s above-average growth in the years to come.


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