Aug. 28, 2012

EMVA Business Conference 2013 takes place in Barcelona

From 6-8 June, 2013, Barcelona will host the 11th EMVA Business Conference, the largest conference for machine vision leaders in Europe. By choosing Barcelona as the place for the event the European Machine Vision Association returns to the place where it was founded one decade ago. EMVA president Toni Ventura-Traveset sees a strong signal of continuation coming from the decision to meet again in Barcelona: "I am very excited that the European machine vision community returns to its roots were almost to the day 10 years ago, the success story of building a strong network of vision companies and organizations throughout the continent began." With Ventura-Traveset, the current EMVA president is situated in the heart of Catalonia. And not only this: After the successful reorganization, EMVA's new independent legal entity is now officially registered in Barcelona as well. The EMVA Business Conference has long since established itself as the place to meet for machine vision leaders not only from Europe but from all over the world. "The machine vision industry in Europe is mainly defined by small and medium sized companies which through their innovation power serve a multitude of customer industries.


emva European Machine Vision Association
Gran Via de Carles III, 84 (3rd floor)
08028 Barcelona
Phone: +34 931 807060
Telefax: +34 931 807060

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