Jun. 23, 2020

Edmund Optics is now selling some Cailabs products exclusively

Cailabs, a manufacturer of photonics products, and Edmund Optics have joined forces: The reflective Canunda axicons from Cailabs are now exclusively available online at EO.

The reflective axicons generate high quality Bessel beams for glass processing and other high power laser applications. Their unique, fully reflective design is suitable for high energy and eliminates chromatic dispersion, so that the axicons can be ideally used with Ti: sapphire or Yb-doped ultra-short pulse lasers. Conventional transmissive axicons, on the other hand, cause the ultrashort pulses to expand due to the wide pulse frequency band. The Cailabs reflecting Canunda axicons are available with different dielectric coatings for common laser wavelengths and are delivered including a manufacturer's certificate for conformity with specifications.


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