Apr. 16, 2020

Dutch integrator relies on components from Physik Instrumente

Positioning systems from PI for assembly and connection technology in photonics

  • From left: Dick Moerman, Managing Director of PI Benelux, and Pierre van Lamsweerden, Managing Director of Tegema (Picture source: Physik Instrumente)From left: Dick Moerman, Managing Director of PI Benelux, and Pierre van Lamsweerden, Managing Director of Tegema (Picture source: Physik Instrumente)

The Dutch system integrator Tegema and Physik Instrumente (PI) are cooperating to develop automated systems for assembly and packaging in the photonics industry. At the core of these systems are PI's positioning systems, which the integrator is using for a modular platform for the packaging of photonics components.

Tegema has developed a modular platform for photonics component packaging technology that is expected to enable a throughput about ten times higher than currently available solutions. A first demo system was set up as a proof of concept. The market launch is planned for the end of April 2020.

Arno Thoer, Director Project Solutions at Tegema, explains: " Assembly and packaging technology contributes to a large extent to the total cost of photonic components. PI's already proven systems form the core of our platform concept for the further automation of this detailed process. We want to help to significantly accelerate this manufacturing step, minimize the associated costs and enable the photonics industry to make another breakthrough".

"Many customers are asking for a higher degree of automation, especially when handling photonic chips or when adhesives have to be applied and cured," explains Scott Jordan, Head of Photonics Segment Marketing at PI. He adds: "Tegema is an experienced system integrator with years of experience in exactly these tasks".

Production of photonic integrated circuits

Compared to the production of microchips, the production of integrated photonic circuits (PIC) is more complex by one decisive process step: the coupling technology for connecting optical elements with each other. For example, individual glass fibers or fiber arrays, VCELs, photodiodes, diffractive elements or lenses. For this manufacturing step, PI offers positioning systems with special firmware routines that are directly integrated in the controllers of the mechanics. These positioning systems are already used worldwide in the development and pilot production of photonic components and in their quality control at wafer level.


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