Aug. 29, 2019

Dualis ASIM Symposium: Intelligent Factory Simulation in 3D

What are the advantages of using simulation for the planning, commissioning and operation of modern factory and logistics systems? These and other questions will be answered at the 18th ASIM symposium from 18 to 20 September at the Fraunhofer IWU in Chemnitz. As a member of the ASIM (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Simulation), Dualis brings insights into 3D simulation in digitized environments and other topics. The know-how is conveyed by Dualis in a workshop on the 3D simulation platform Visual Components. In a lecture, the company will talk about "simulation-based area planning in assembly".

Every two years, the ASIM Symposium, Europe's largest simulation conference for production and logistics, presents pioneering trends and current developments, scientific work and interesting applications in industry. The focus is on reports from development, research and teaching as well as industrial use.

As a member of ASIM, Dualis actively co-organizes the symposium. For example, Ralf Dohndorf, Head of Factory Simulation at Dualis, explains in a lecture how Areaplan can be used to implement simulation-based area planning in assembly. The solution is based on the 3D simulation platform Visual Components, for which Dualis acts as a specialized distributor. The company develops add-ons and services around the platform, with a focus on networked factory processes.


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