Jul. 24, 2009

CVB is GigE Vision-validated

Stemmer Imaging´s programming library for imaging applications, Common Vision Blox (CVB), is the world´s first software package to have successfully passed the GigE Vision validation test set by the Automated Imaging Association (AIA).

At the beginning of July 2009, CVB was successfully tested by the AIA for meeting the validation requirements of the GigE Vision standard. The independent, modular programming library for imaging applications, CVB, now is the only software product worldwide that was able to take and pass this AIA validation test.

During that test session, the AIA also took a close look at the CVB GigE Vision Server to assess its compatibility with the standard. This "software GigE camera" with its freely definable camera properties also met all the technical requirements of the standard. This means that both CVB and the CVB GigE Vision Server are compatible with the GigE Vision standard and therefore work with all GigE Vision and GenICam-compatible camera and software products worldwide.

The AIA software validations extend far beyond the previous software certification, which was based only on the unverified assurances of the manufacturer that the product met the standard. In contrast to that procedure used for software products, users can recognise validated GigE Vision hardware from the official GigE Vision logo. Only products with this logo have been tested by the AIA as to their GigE Vision compatibility.


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