May. 06, 2019

Control: Measurement technology and production come together

Good times for quality production: Today, modern measurement technology delivers ever more precise measurement data, which is read out and interpreted more than ever before by machine. The appropriate equipment, the appropriate advice and the intelligent software for these and all other QS requirements will be presented by the Control - International Trade Fair for Quality Assurance from May 7 to 10 in Stuttgart.

Real-time measurement data supported inline QA processes

"Customers in the manufacturing industry not only expect accurate and reliable measurement data, but increasingly also visualize this data in real time," explains Professor Alexander Reiterer, head of department at the Fraunhofer Institute for Physical Measurement Technology, IPM, adding: "Application-specific visualized data is like a tool with which all states can be reliably assessed and processes can be controlled intuitively. "Because without these measurement data, determined by modern sensors and measuring technology and evaluated by intelligent software in fractions of a second, quality assurance in real time is not possible. "We observe that tolerances and structures are increasingly checked within the manufacturing process. This is a trend, even with 100-percent inspections, "reports Fabian Krüger, project manager at Control.

Professional QA without slowing down the manufacturing process

In order to display measurement data on mobile devices such as tablets or VR glasses, suitable interfaces, techniques and methods are required. A software platform with components for interactive interpretation and visualization of measurement data should also be available. Industrial image processing (IBV), one of the focal points of the world's leading trade fair for quality assurance, plays an important role in this context! Another focus of current research is data reduction, in particular with regard to the visualization of so-called point clouds, which arise during measurement and data acquisition with laser scanners. Enormous amounts of data need to be reduced to a fast-to-process level.

Special exhibition guide for IBV and vision systems

Exhibitors who are particularly interested in QA imaging techniques will find numerous innovation projects at the globally recognized No.

1 for industrial quality assurance, which will be presented to a broad audience for the first time. The new developments are joined by established and optimized systems. Especially interested exhibitors are also provided with practical help by the special trade fair guide Industrial Image Processing (IBV) and Vision Systems, which can be accessed online. More than 250 manufacturers and suppliers of components, assemblies, subsystems and complete systems of the respective segment participating in the control are listed here. With this, Control offers the largest and most comprehensive presentation in the field of IBV and vision systems so that trade visitors can literally find out about the current world-wide range of IBV, vision, camera and sensor systems including "Embedded Vision" (micro-image processing systems integrated into machines and process stations ).


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