Jan. 14, 2020

chii wants to score in 2020 with the guiding theme of hyperspectral image processing

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The chii 2020 (Conference on Hyperspectral Imaging in Industry) will take place in Graz from 27 to 28 May 2020. Internationally leading experts and users from all over the world meet there for the fourth time to exchange information about further developments and innovative applications of hyperspectral image processing.

The use of hyperspectral image processing systems makes it possible to solve tasks where other technologies often fail. With this technology, optically very similar materials can be distinguished on the basis of their chemical composition or the concentration and distribution of ingredients, for example in food or pharmaceutical products, can be recorded precisely and in real time. Possible applications in almost all industrial areas promise lucrative options for companies that deal with hyperspectral image processing or who want to use this technology in the future.

After the very successful chii 2018, the hyperspectral imaging pioneer Perception Park, together with Spectronet, the Styrian Economic Promotion Agency and the Enterprise Europe Network, are now organizing this technology conference for the fourth time: On May 27 and 28, 2020, leading international experts and companies will meet meet in Graz to exchange information on the latest developments in this innovative technology. The application and possible uses of hyperspectral systems should be given even more space than in previous events. "At chii 2020, we want to show developers of hyperspectral imaging systems what exciting opportunities this technology offers and give them ideas and experience for their economic use," said the organizers. “An important part of the conference is therefore numerous short lectures on successful applications as well as detailed presentations by leading technology providers. These lectures give interested visitors an insight into the current state of technology and future applications. "

Accompanying the conference part of chii 2020, leading technology suppliers from all over the world will present their current hyperspectral imaging developments and products in an exhibition. This second pillar of the event provides the participants with an optimal insight into the existing components and solutions and offers a lot of space for the exchange with experts from the respective manufacturers.


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