Jul. 20, 2018

Basler Acquires Silicon Software

  • From left to right: Klaus-Henning Noffz (Silicon Software), Ralf Lay (Silicon Software), Dietmar Ley (Basler) From left to right: Klaus-Henning Noffz (Silicon Software), Ralf Lay (Silicon Software), Dietmar Ley (Basler)

With the acquisition of Silicon Software Basler complements its product portfolio towards the performance segment of the Computer Vision Market.

Basler takes over 100% of the shares of Silicon Software with immediate effect. The two managing directors Klaus-Henning Noffz and Ralf Lay will be working for Silicon Software and Basler in the future.

Basler continues to expand its product portfolio for Computer Vision applications with this transaction. Camera customers will benefit from comprehensive and easy-to-integrate solutions for capturing and processing images in the future. With a view to next-generation image sensors and their associated higher data rates; easy-to-use high-performance image acquisition cards are becoming increasingly important. By combining Basler's cameras with intelligent image acquisition cards from Silicon Software, customers will receive solutions from a single source in the future, which already allow pre-processing and analysis of image data "on board" and open up cost-cutting potential. The graphical programming of the vision processors via Silicon Software's VisualApplets software leads to shorter development times and faster time-to-market cycles for customers.


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