Jan. 08, 2018

Antares Vision New Software Development Centre in Galway Is Now Open

Antares Vision announces the establishment of a Software Development Centre in Galway, creating 53 jobs in 5 years

  • The Headquarters of Antares VisionThe Headquarters of Antares Vision

Antares Vision announces the establishment of a Software Development Centre in Galway, creating 53 jobs in 5 years in Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence. The project is supported by the Irish Government through IDA Ireland.

The company specialise in Computer Vision Systems where cameras and sensors capture and elaborate images at high speed to identify possible defects on products. Antares Vision designs, produces and installs inspection track and trace systems for security, traceability and regulatory requirements in the pharmaceutical sector.

The company’s new Software Development Centre in Galway will have a strategic focus on developing new software tools to enhance capability in Antares Vision system by utilising Deep Learning applied to Computer Vision. Antares Vision will establish initially at the Galway Technology Centre at Mervue Business Park (Wellpark Rd) and is expected to hire more than 50 employees in 5 years. The new operation will have a mix of roles including junior and senior software developers and researchers. 

Speaking about the announcement, Antares Vision’s CEO Emidio Zorzella said: "This step confirms the design of Antares Vision in international growth. Today we are present in a direct way in Italy, Brazil, United States, France, Germany, South Korea and soon in India, furthermore the global coverage involves a network of partners in a capillary way. In Galway, unlike in the past, Antares Vision - continues Emidio Zorzella - opens a center exclusively dedicated to R&D, a further sign of a progressive and solid growth. Antares Vision grows together with its resources, with respect and team spirit; it is the people that are the true value of the company, which is confirmed by a low staff turnover of just 1.6%", concludes the CEO.


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