Jul. 01, 2019

Allied Vision launches Alvium series production in Stadtroda

The camera manufacturer Allied Vision has installed a new, highly automated production facility for mass production of its Alvium camera series at the company headquarters in Stadtroda. The new production line was specially designed for the requirements of the manufacturing process of the camera series and produced in Germany. In an automated, sealed clean room system, the required individual parts such as electronics, optical filters and housings are assembled automatically. Each component is automatically cleaned by a patented process before assembling the camera. Various constellations of lens mountings (C-Mount, CS-Mount or S / M12-Mount) and housing variants (bare board, open or closed housing) can be produced on the system.

All processes comply with the quality requirements for cleanrooms (class ISO 6 and 8) and are TÜV certified according to the regulations for quality management according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 for medical technology. The entire process is monitored by an image processing system equipped with Allied Vision cameras.

High quality at reasonable price

A special quality criterion for industrial cameras is the automated sensor alignment, which ensures pin-sharp and distortion-free images. The innovative assembly technology used in the system guarantees precise alignment of the sensor and makes the Alvium cameras particularly reliable and quick to use, without additional alignment. This optical precision is measured at the end of production for each finished camera and the results are reported back to the machine so that it can continuously improve. A short cycle time allows the production of a high number of cameras at a competitive retail price.

Gerd Völpel, Allied Vision's Chief Operations Officer, is pleased with the commissioning of the new plant: "The new Alvium production line sets new standards in quality and efficiency in industrial image processing. Thanks to this fully automated system, we are able to offer our customers highly innovative camera modules at an unbeatable price-performance ratio - and with the highest quality "Made in Germany". "


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22926 Ahrensburg
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