Mar. 25, 2020

Allied Vision expands management

CCO of SVS-Vistek becomes sales manager

  • Henrik Ilsby is Sales Manager (COO) at Allied Vision. (Source: Allied Vision)Henrik Ilsby is Sales Manager (COO) at Allied Vision. (Source: Allied Vision)

The german camera manufacturer Allied Vision, a member of the TKH Group, is adding a third position to the management team. In addition to Andreas Gerk and Peter Tix, the Chief Commercial Officer of SVS-Vistek, Henrik Ilsby, is now part of Allied Vision's top management team. SVS-Vistek has also been part of TKH since last fall, which is why Ilsby will keep his job there.

With this new addition, Allied Vision is reorganizing the responsibilities in the management: Andreas Gerk is responsible for the Product Portfolio, R&D, and Operations divisions. Peter Tix will be the new CEO and will be responsible for the Sales, Business and Finance divisions. Henrik Ilsby, as Chief Commercial Officer, will lead the worldwide internal and external sales force. Tix is also CEO of TKH Vision 2D Group.


Allied Vision Technologies GmbH
Klaus-Groth-Str. 1
22926 Ahrensburg
Phone: 04102/6688-0
Telefax: 04102/668810
TKH Group NV
Spinnerstraat 15, P.O. Box 5
7480 AA Haaksbergen
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 53 573 29 00
Telefax: +31 53 573 21 80

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