Feb. 12, 2019

AI helps sell the original Sacher cake

If you buy an original Sacher cake these days, you do not have to queue anymore. Thanks to sophisticated artificial intelligence, the patented end-to-end solution automatically recognizes all 60 available products from the Sacher product range and directly initiates the payment process. This shortens the waiting time for customers, keeps the stock up-to-date and at the same time relieves the employees, who thus have more time for advice and service.

"If you already know what you want to buy, you can simply take the product you want off the shelf and pay directly," adds Kamil Kula, Co-Managing Director of MoonVision. Sacher has specially crafted a pedestal, including red velvet upholstery, and equipped it with the latest technology from MoonVision. Via the platform, the integrated camera recognizes the respective product or its packaging size and automatically communicates the corresponding amount to the cash register system so that the customer can complete the purchase process completely autonomously.

Using the MoonVision toolbox, machines learn to recognize different objects based on their visual characteristics. What has required complex analyzes, programming skills and costly equipment to date, the Vienna-based technology company has created a user-friendly, end-to-end solution. Within a very short time, the software automatically filters the necessary images out of the photo or video material and trains the system, the corresponding To recognize or interpret objects or structural properties. For a simple cell phone camera is often enough.

With almost 100% accuracy, MoonVision's platform reduces the error rate across a wide range of applications, enhancing the quality management of industrial and manufacturing operations away from the retail sector. The solution is particularly useful where it can handle complex processes with absolute precision and no fatigue. Thus, the cloud software has learned within a very short time to recognize all 60 products from Sacher and recorded on the same principle also z. As blemishes on different materials - from metal and plastic, to textiles to wood and derives necessary actions.


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