Jan. 14, 2020

74th Heidelberg Image Processing Forum in Bensheim

Machine learning for 3D imaging is much more complex than for 2D images, since the amount of data is much higher and image acquisition and evaluation are directly linked to one another. While 3D imaging is well established in medical applications, industrial imaging is only really starting to develop. Therefore, this image processing forum pursues two goals: knowledge transfer between medical and industrial image processing and an inventory of learning processes in 3D imaging and analysis.

The lunch and coffee breaks give enough time for practical demonstrations with exhibits in the exhibition that match the content of the forum, for discussion of the poster contributions and for informative discussions among the participants and with the speakers. The opportunity to present the exhibits or posters with a short lecture ("teaser" with one minute of speaking time and a maximum of two slides) before the lunch break, and the extended lunch and coffee break give this part of the program its due weight. Participation in the industrial exhibition is free of charge for registered participants (max. One table with power supply).

The 74th Heidelberg Image Processing Forum takes place in Bensheim, with the kind support of Dentsply Sirona.



Heidelberg Collaboratory for Image Processing, Universität Heidelberg
Berliner Straße 43
69120 Heidelberg
Phone: +49 6221 54 14 857

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