Jan. 24, 2011

3D3 Solutions: Reseller of Geomagic's 3D Scan Data Processing Software

Geomagic has announced a new agreement with 3D3 Solutions as a reseller of the company's powerful 3D scan data processing software. 3D3 Solutions is a developer of 3D scanning and visualization technologies.

3D3 Solutions develops 3D white-light scanners at a fraction of the cost of comparable systems in the market. The design of its 3D scanners follows the company's core philosophy of flexibility. The scanner's field of view can be adjusted to accommodate the scanning object and components of the system can be upgraded to further improve scanning performance. When used in conjunction with Geomagic software, users have the ability to edit, process, and optimize the 3D scan data for use in downstream applications making it especially useful for manufacturing, design, and analysis.

Bespoke Innovations, which creates innovative prosthetic limbs, is a customer of 3D3 Solutions and Geomagic. Scott Summit, industrial designer at the company, said, "After Bespoke reviewed a wide range of scanners, we found that the 3D3 Solutions with Geomagic was the easiest to use, the most reliable, and the most forgiving of user error. We even enjoy that the scanner allows users to pick and change the camera and lens component as needed, which allowed us to modify and customize it to our needs. Working with the 3D3 Solutions team in Vancouver has always been enjoyable, and they embody the start-up energy that only dedicated teams can."

"Geomagic and 3D3 Solutions offer the complete functionality for users needing to get real world objects into usable 3D," said Thomas Tong, president of 3D3 Solutions. "With a comprehensive range of easy-to-use tools to create accurate 3D polygons and surfaces from 3D scan data, plus parametric exchange tools, Geomagic integrates perfectly with our scanners and our customers' needs."

"3D3 Solutions is an exciting company to be working with," said Len Chamberlain, Geomagic's sales director responsible for strategic partnerships. "3D3 Solutions brings interesting new levels of innovation to the scanning marketplace which is a perfect match to Geomagic's industry-leading software for turning point cloud data into usable 3D."


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