Aug. 21, 2020

17th special show of non-contact measurement technology at Control 2021

During Control 2021 in Stuttgart, the Fraunhofer Vision Alliance, in cooperation with P. E. Schall, is organizing the special show "Contactless measurement technology" for the 17th time. The special show shows a cross-section of innovative technologies, applications and system components from the field of non-contact measurement and testing technology on around 330 square meters in Hall 6 and gives users initial guidance when choosing the optimal technology for their own testing task. Companies, research institutions and universities that are interested in participating can submit an exhibit proposal to the Fraunhofer Vision Alliance by October 7, 2020 (title and short description).

In recent years, the special show has established itself as a communication platform and marketplace for innovations for exhibitors and trade fair visitors alike, and is now an integral part of Messe Control. As the performance and flexibility of modern systems continue to grow, ever larger scale areas are covered and new fields of application are opened up, it is not easy for users to orientate themselves on the market. The special show therefore offers visitors an orientation aid when choosing the optimal technology for coping with their own testing tasks.



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