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JAI Inc. - USA

JAI is a global manufacturer of digital cameras for machine vision, traffic imaging, global security, medical imaging and scientific research.Besides a broad range of leading-edge 1-CCD and 1-CMOS progressive area scan and line scan cameras, JAI is a leading provider of multi-imager cameras incorporating advanced prism-block technology, including 3-CCD/3-CMOS RGB area scan cameras, 2-CCD multi-spectral/HDR cameras plus a complete family of 3-CMOS/4-CCD/4-CMOS line scan cameras. JAI's product program includes cameras for visible, UV, NIR and SWIR imaging with GigE Vision, Camera Link, USB 3.0 Vision and CoaXPress interfaces.


JAI Inc. - USA
6800 Santa Teresa Blvd., Suite 175
95134 San Jose, CA
United States of America
Phone: +1 408 383 0300

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