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Ircam GmbH

Ircam is a German manufacturer of advanced IR cameras and systems for IR imaging and thermo­graphy.
Ircam offers the dual-band and dual-color IR camera series Ircam Geminis for synchronous, pixel-registered acquisition in two bands (MWIR & LWIR) or two small spectral ranges (MWIR & MWIR). Other camera series are the high-speed Ircam Velox, the scientific Ircam Equus, the Ircam Taurus and the uncooled Ircam Caleo. All models can be delivered with MIO measurement interface, filter wheel, motor focus and Gigabit Ethernet.


Ircam GmbH
Nürnberger Str. 71
91052 Erlangen
Phone: +49 9131 970098 0

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