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Confovis GmbH

Confovis is a system provider of optical 3D measuring systems for industrial use. In business since 2009, the company has focused on producing customer-oriented, applicationspecific solutions. Its patented technology of structured lighting – based on confocal measuring technology – gives rise to new options for quick and nanometre-precise surface analysis for industrial applications.

With the latest generation of devices, Confovis combines confocal measuring technology and focus variation into a single system. The measuring technology specialist thus offers industrial clients in the automotive & aerospace sectors, toolmaking & mechanical engineering, metallurgy, semiconductor and optical industries a time- and cost-saving solution for a wide variety of measuring tasks such as micro-contour and roughness measurement.


Confovis GmbH
Ernst-Ruska-Ring 11
07745 Jena
Phone: +49 3641 27 410 00

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