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High Resolution Lenses
With our F-Mount lenses, we offer high resolution image quality for technical and industrial applications. ZEISS ZF lenses for industrial applications are key components in complex production processes as well as in measuring tasks, quality assurance and many other applications.

The infrared lenses of the ZF series are suitable for the use with special cameras like IR cameras without an IR blocking filter. The transmission of ZF-IR lenses adds up to 70% at 1000 nm, while usual lenses exhibit only 20%.

Visionmes Telecentric Lenses
ZEISS Visionmes lenses are developed for crucial measuring tasks in industry and feature telecentric optics. For optical metrology at high precision telecentric optics are essential. With this type of objective lens the light is parallel over the whole object field and the image size will remain the same even if the objects position would vary.

ZEISS offers telecentric lenses with outstanding image performance and extremely low distortion for the purpose of imaging and/or measuring objects up to 300 mm diameter.
Distortion up to 105 mm object size: 3 µm
Distortion up to 300 mm object size: 5 µm

Every single Visionmes lens is manufactured in Germany and quality tested with the accurateness you can expect from ZEISS.


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