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Basler AG

The future is in our sight.
For nearly three decades, Basler has pushed the limits of what industrial cameras are capable of. This dedication to research, development, and superior manufacturing has led us to become the world’s largest producer of industrial digital cameras, with ideal solutions for factory automation, robotics, medical & life sciences, microscopy, retail, traffic, and a wide range of other applications. Our history of innovation is defining the future of vision, and our support is guiding you there. That’s what makes Basler the most trusted brand and the world market leader in industrial cameras.

We set trends that set standards.
Basler has always been in on the ground floor of game-changing technology. We developed unique ways to increase our efficiency so you decrease your costs. We championed the standardization of Camera Link, GigE Vision and USB3 Vision. And we pioneered the adoption of CMOS sensors to deliver dynamic performance, high speeds and high resolution with a superb performance for the price compared to CCD. At Basler, we establish advanced technologies that offer new and immediate value to you.

Outperforming begins in-house.
Basler has built the industry’s largest and smartest industrial camera portfolio, featuring more than 300 models with GigE Vision, USB3 Vision or Camera Link interfaces to ensure that there’s a perfect camera for your application. In order to support such a robust offering, we’re continually investing in new ways to maximize our manufacturing and testing capabilities and make sure that each product performs in the field. Our in-house production facilities in Germany and Singapore are living laboratories, where we learn through experience how to improve our cameras’ performance in image quality, reliability, repeatability and ease of use. We’re driven to grow our portfolio, so we can drive your results.

Basler’s components enhance your vision.
Basler puts everything you need to get the full picture in a single place. We offer a broad range of vision components that seamlessly integrate with the camera, such as lenses, I/O cables, hubs, PCI cards and other essential accessories. All of our cameras and components are rigorously tested before they leave our facility to ensure that they deliver the high quality and reliability that you expect from Basler.


Basler AG
An der Strusbek 60-62
22926 Ahrensburg
Phone: +49 4102 463 500



Dr. Dietmar Ley, CEO
Alexander Temme, Director of Sales
Herfried Beckdorf, Head of European Sales






Cameras, Optics


Character Recognition, Digitalization, High Speed Analysis, Inspection Piece Parts, Inspection Webbed Material, Material Testing, Metrology 2D, Metrology 3D, Part Identifikation, Particle Analysis, Robot Vision 2D, Robot Vision 3D, Symbol Recognition, Others

Industries served

Automotive and Suppliers , Electronics/Semiconductors, Energy/Water/Solar Technology, Foodstuffs/Beverages, Glass/Ceramics, Mechanical Engineering/Line Building, Medical Technology, Metal, Packaging , Paper/Wood , Pharmaceuticals/Cosmetics/Chemicals , Plastics , Precision Engineering/Optics/Machine Vision , Traffic/Logistics, Other



Regions served

Africa, Asia, Australia, Central Europe, China, EMEA, Europe, Japan, Latin America, North America


Basler, Inc
United States of America
Phone: +1 610 280 0171
Basler Asia Pte Ltd.
Phone: +65 6367 1355

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