Aqsense S.L.

AQSENSE develops standard software products to allow users to easily enter on the 3D Machine Vision Industry.

SAL3D, the 3D Shape Analysis Library (in C++ and .Net), provides a set of tools to acquire and process true 3D calibrated data for industrial applications.
3DExpress, based on SAL3D tools, offers an easy-to-use graphic interface as an easy door to 3D Machine Vision.

Besides our standard Software products, SAL3D and 3DExpress, AQSENSE offers Customized Software Developments for specific 3D applications. In this case, we work hand by hand with System Integrators and OEMs to deliver 3D solutions to end users.



Aqsense S.L.
C/Pic de peguera 15, Parc científic i tecnològic de la UdG, Edifici Casademont, Porta A, Despatx 23
17003 Girona
Phone: +34 972 183 215

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