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As a producer of cameras for industrial machine vision, SVS-Vistek GmbH has been synonymous with innovation and precision for over 30 years. The SVCam-series cameras are used wherever a precise view is required for materials handling or assembly technology, logistics, traffic monitoring or quality assurance. Known all over the world for its industrial cameras, the mid-size company develops and produces exclusively in Seefeld near Munich, Germany. It provides specially customized solutions for system integrators and OEM customers. With the broad expertise of its own specialists and the experience which it has gained as a pioneer of numerous technical developments, SVS-Vistek advises customers on the selection and combination of the appropriate elements, additionally offering custom-made cameras and machine vision components. All SVS-Vistek cameras and products meet the highest demands with respect to precision, innovative technology, individual scalability, offering USPs which set them apart from the competition. Internationally, SVS-Vistek GmbH has branches in the United States and Japan and distributors on all continents. SVS-Vistek GmbH is ISO-certified.

High Performance CCD and CMOS Kameras

Copy Increase throughput, improve accuracy – these are the two mantras of industrial image processing in virtually any industry. With the branding "SVCam", SVS-Vistek is developing and manufacturing high-performance CCD and CMOS cameras. The interfaces cover Gigabit Ethernet, Camera Link, USB 3.0 and CoaXPress. Development and production are guided by reliability, a high degree of customizability and industry requirements. Six product lines focus on different aspects: ECO (mini and compact), ECO² (efficient and compact), EXO (multifunctional), EVO (highest frame rates), HR (high resolution) and SHR (super high resolution). SVS-Vistek manufactures cameras exclusively in their own clean room at the headquarters in the Bavarian Seefeld close to Munich: "Quality made in Germany".


Mühlbachstraße 20
82229 Seefeld
Phone: +49 8152 9985 0



Ulf Weißer, President
Walter Denk, President
Andreas Schaarschmidt, President






Cameras, Consulting, Frame Grabber, Integration Services, Interfaces/Cables/Peripherals, Lighting Equipment, Optics, Software, Turn-key Systems, Vision Sensors


Character Recognition, High Speed Analysis, Inspection Piece Parts, Metrology 2D, Part Identifikation, Robot Vision 2D, Symbol Recognition, Others

Industries served

Automotive and Suppliers , Electronics/Semiconductors, Energy/Water/Solar Technology, Foodstuffs/Beverages, Glass/Ceramics, Mechanical Engineering/Line Building, Medical Technology, Metal, Packaging , Paper/Wood , Pharmaceuticals/Cosmetics/Chemicals , Plastics , Precision Engineering/Optics/Machine Vision , Traffic/Logistics



Regions served

Asia, Central Europe, China, EMEA, Europe, Japan, Latin America, North America, national

Companies represented

Euresys S.A., Microscan, Moritex Schott, PerkinElmer, PixeLINK

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