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Schäfter + Kirchhoff GmbH

Located in central Hamburg, Schäfter+Kirchhoff’s headquarter is home to 35 employees. From there they manufacture high quality products that are delivered to customers all around the world.

The company was founded over 60 years ago. Starting with classical lens design and customized optical solutions the focus shifted gradually towards the now offered three product lines: polarization-maintaining fiber optics, laser lines and line scan cameras. A special focus is set on a correct and advantageous combination of precision and optical components (optomechanics), which is the basis for high quality, stability and durability.

One example of successful optomechanics, e.g. in the field of fiber optics, is the laser beam coupler 60SMS, which is used to couple into polarization-maintaining fibers. This demanding task requires very high precision and quality in order to reach long-term stability and high coupling efficiencies. The SK010PA polarization analyzer is the optimum tool for aligning to the polarization-axis of the fibers in a very precise and fast way. Further fiber optics components are available for the wavelength range 360-2100nm.

Another field using successful optomechanics is Machine Vision that uses two product lines, laser line or spot generators as well as line scan cameras. Ruggedized solutions for industrial purposes are only possible by using high-quality optics, mechanics and electronics, e.g. for complete line scan camera based scanner systems. The Corrosion Inspector, as an example, is an automated and objective analysis tool for corrosion phenomena that offers a fast and precise evaluation according to international standards. The line scan cameras used (monochrome or color) are also supplied as OEM components for worldwide use. They are offered with different Interfaces including USB3.0 or GigE.

The motor of the company is its extensive know-how and its highly qualified and strongly committed employees. To have sales, research and development as well as manufacturing so close knit together ensures a quick and efficient response to customer needs. Since October 2016 the company is owned by the Gregor Federau foundation which is dedicated to child and youth welfare.


Schäfter + Kirchhoff GmbH
Kieler Straße 212
22525 Hamburg
Phone: +49 40 85 39 97 0



Dr. Ulrich Oechsner, CEO






Cameras, Frame Grabber, Interfaces/Cables/Peripherals, Lighting Equipment, Optics, Smart Cameras/Embedded Systems, Software, Turn-key Systems


Digitalization, High Speed Analysis, Inspection Piece Parts, Inspection Webbed Material, Metrology 2D, Metrology 3D

Industries served

Automotive and Suppliers , Electronics/Semiconductors, Energy/Water/Solar Technology, Mechanical Engineering/Line Building, Medical Technology, Metal, Packaging , Paper/Wood , Precision Engineering/Optics/Machine Vision

Regions served

Africa, Asia, Australia, Central Europe, China, EMEA, Europe, Japan, Latin America, North America, national

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